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Techniques and Strategies

After you've been trained as an adult literacy instructor, and even after you've been teaching for many years, you'll want to refresh your skills and infuse your instruction with some new approaches. The techniques and strategies below include research-based, time-tested, and innovative ways to help deliver your instruction in the best way possible. Explore the courses, podcasts, and articles below for new ideas!
Online Courses: A Way With Words: Strategies for Strengthening Adult Learners' Vocabularies
Documents: Language Experience Activities for Adult Reading Instruction
Online Courses: Writing Without Fear
Audio: The Think Aloud Technique - A Reading Comprehension Strategy
Documents: Changing the Way We Teach Math
Web Links: Health and Literacy Special Collection
Video: Understanding, Reacting, and Applying
Documents: Making It Worth The Stay: Findings from the New England Adult Learner Persistence Project
Documents: Applying Research In Reading Instruction for Adults: First Steps for Teachers
Documents: Assembling An ESL Toolbox
Lesson Plans: Citizenship: The Citizenship Test
Documents: Citizenship: Starting a Citizenship Class
Documents: English-as-a-Second Language Tutor Training Kit
Documents: From Artifacts to Storyboards: Energize the Adult Literacy Classroom Through Multimedia
Documents: Get Real: Using Authentic Materials to Engage Adult Learners
Documents: Graphic Organizers Activate Visual Learning
Documents: Helping Students Identify Their Reading Goals
Documents: How to Teach Students to Read and Spell Sight Words
Documents: Making the Most of Everyday Text
Documents: Remembering What's Been Learned
Documents: Six Steps for using the Think Aloud Technique
Audio: Using Everyday Technology in Instruction: Hardware, Software, and Websites
Web Links: The Change Agent
Documents: Fluency Development: Practice Means Progress
Audio: Guided Repeated Oral Reading
Audio: Using Authentic Materials In ABE and ESL Programs
Audio: Citizenship: Engaging Multiple Modalities in the Citizenship Classroom
Audio: Citizenship: Teaching Conversation Strategies in the Citizenship Classroom
Online Courses: Before, During and After -- A Reading Comprehension Technique
Online Courses: Phonemic Awareness Instruction for Adult Literacy Learners
Online Courses: The Language Experience Approach
Online Courses: Unleashing Potential through Multi-Intelligent Literacy Instruction
Online Courses: Using the Newspaper in Adult Literacy and ESL Instruction
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