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Lesson Plans and Activities

Instructors spend a lot of time working with their learners, and sometimes even more time getting those lessons ready! The following lessons and activities below are available to provide you with the materials, background and activities to support a small module of instruction that you can fit into another lesson, or build on to suit the needs and goals of the learners you are teaching.
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Lesson Plans: Celebrity vs. Reality (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: The Fisk Jubilee Singers (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Louisiana: Cradle of Jazz (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Paying Bills Online (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Jim Thorpe (Story with Exercises)
Documents: Expand Summer Learning with Conversation Classes
Lesson Plans: Disasters: What You Can Do To Get Ready
Collections: Home Safety Literacy Project Kit
Web Links: Teacher/Tutor Numeracy Collection on LINCS
Lesson Plans: What's Eating Your Paycheck (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Fitting In (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: A New Girl at School (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Hurt Feelings at School (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Time to Pay Rent (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Wisconsin: Harley-Davidson (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Becoming an American Citizen (Story and Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Prevent Fire in Your Home!
Lesson Plans: Smoke Alarms Save Lives
Lesson Plans: Fire Escape Plans Help You Get Out Alive
Lesson Plans: Firefighters are Here to Help!
Lesson Plans: What to do if there is a Fire in Your Home
Documents: Program Activities Booklet
Documents: Smoke Alarms Save Lives- Promotional Poster
Documents: Firefighters Save Lives- Promotional Poster
Lesson Plans: Financial Resources and Economic Education
Lesson Plans: Exploring Personal Finance Choices
Documents: Conflicts in the Community
Documents: Health is Important
Documents: Your Plan for Earning and Managing Money
Lesson Plans: Cesar Chavez (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Citizenship: The Citizenship Test
Documents: Concentration
Web Links: Fire and Disaster: Keeping Safe
Documents: I'm a Banana. What are you?
Lesson Plans: Jaime Escalante (Story with Exercises)
Lesson Plans: Sandra Cisneros (Story with Exercises)
Documents: Teaching Survival Vocabulary
Documents: The Fight for the Right to Vote
Documents: Word Slides
Documents: Finding Time to be a Good Parent
Web Links: The Change Agent
Web Links: The Story of Stuff
Web Links: The Literacy List
Web Links: English Club
Documents: Get Out Alive
Interactives: Vocabulary Activities: U.S. Culture and Customs
Interactives: Getting Started with
Lesson Plans: Moving Things Along (Story with Exercises)
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