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You work hard to provide the best possible instruction to the learners you work with, but don't neglect your own professional development needs. The following courses were designed to support adult educators from professional teachers to volunteer tutors, from pre-service instructors who have yet to begin working with adult learners to experienced instructional staff looking for new ideas. Want to learn more about research-based reading instruction? What it's like to work at an adult literacy program? How to support learning gains in your students? How to adapt activities for English language learners? Whether you're looking to complete professional development hours or just looking for new ideas, the courses below are all self-paced and free for you!
    All     Reading and Writing Citizenship ESL Math & Numeracy Getting Started in Instruction
Online Courses: A Way With Words: Strategies for Strengthening Adult Learners' Vocabularies
Online Courses: Before, During and After -- A Reading Comprehension Technique
Online Courses: Citizenship: The Civics Test
Online Courses: Citizenship: The Interview
Online Courses: Citizenship: The Literacy Test
Online Courses: Culture and English Language Learners
Online Courses: Developing Reading Fluency
Online Courses: Graphic Organizers: Tools for Instructors and Students
Online Courses: Making Math Manageable
Online Courses: Orientation to Volunteering in Literacy
Online Courses: Phonemic Awareness Instruction for Adult Literacy Learners
Online Courses: Principles of Adult Learning
Online Courses: Succeeding as an Online Learner
Online Courses: The Language Experience Approach
Online Courses: Understanding the Reading Process
Online Courses: Unleashing Potential through Multi-Intelligent Literacy Instruction
Online Courses: Using a Problem Posing Approach for Authentic Language Learning
Online Courses: Using the Newspaper in Adult Literacy and ESL Instruction
Online Courses: Volunteering in English Language Learner Literacy Classes
Online Courses: Working With Adult Literacy Learners
Online Courses: Writing Without Fear
Online Courses: Learning to Use Laubach Way to Reading, Laubach Way to English, and Focus on Phonics
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