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Welcome to the EdNet Video Library. Here you can see videos that show many different teaching strategies and activities that you can use with adult literacy and ESL learners. Click on any topic to see what’s available. If you know about other videos that you would like to see listed here or you would like to suggest topics for EdNet to address in the future, write us at In the meantime, bring on the popcorn—or carrot sticks!
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Video: Life without Literacy: A Daily Challenge
Video: Literacy Learners Speak Out
Video: ESOL Learner: Minh Doan
Video: ESOL Learner: Josť Pantoja
Video: ESOL Learner: Widens Noralus
Video: ProLiteracy Tutor Michael Benson
Video: Sensitivity: The Other Half of Communication
Video: The Writing Process
Video: Understanding, Reacting, and Applying
Video: Word Recognition Strategies
Video: Teaching English Speech Sounds
Video: Total Physical Response: Foreign Language Demonstration
Video: Total Physical Response: English Language Demonstration
Video: Teaching Vocabulary in ESOL
Video: Dialogues Into Role Play
Video: Teaching ESOL with Pictures
Video: Information Gaps for ESOL
Video: Using Information Grids
Video: The Language Experience Approach for Literacy
Video: The Language Experience Approach for ESOL Reading
Video: ESOL Learner: Chun-Yun Wang
Video: Literacy: Adult Learners Perspective
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