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As you search for training and development opportunities for your instructors, don't neglect your own professional development needs. The following courses were designed to support the needs of program managers, instructional trainers and other program staff members with a stake in providing quality services to your learners. Want to learn more how effective use of data can improve your services? How to support and develop a volunteer base? Examine best practices from programs around the world? How you can work more effectively with other service agencies in your community? Look no further!
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Online Courses: Making Evaluation Work for Your Program
Online Courses: Succeeding as an Online Learner
Online Courses: Working With Adult Literacy Learners
Online Courses: Creating Community Linkages
Online Courses: How Can My Organization Get Involved In Literacy
Online Courses: Improving Learning Gains Through Intensity of Instruction
Online Courses: Reducing Student Waiting Lists
Online Courses: Valuing Volunteers: Effective Methods of Retaining Today's Volunteers
Online Courses: Volunteers Are Vital: Incorporating Volunteers Into Your Program's Future
Online Courses: Using Volunteers in Your Adult Education Classroom
Online Courses: Creating a Volunteer Program in the ABE/ESL Classroom
Online Courses: Communicating Success to Stakeholders
Online Courses: Data Analysis for Decision Making
Online Courses: Data Collection and Management
Online Courses: Overcoming Poverty Through Action-based Literacy
Online Courses: Literacy for Social Change
Online Courses: Literacy and Home Safety: Partnering to Save Lives
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