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About EdNet


ProLiteracy Education Network (EdNet) provides free instructional resources to adult literacy and ESOL instructors, learners, and program staff. Formerly known as Thinkfinity Literacy Network, EdNet was launched by ProLiteracy in 2011. Major support for the initial development of the site and its content was provided by the Verizon Foundation.

EdNet helps instructors learn new techniques and strategies for teaching reading, writing, math, citizenship, and basic life skills. It offers opportunities for program managers to learn how to improve or expand their services. EdNet also allows people to choose how they want to learn by offering resources in many different formats, including lesson plans, online courses, tip sheets, podcasts, and interactive web-based exercises.

Some of the most popular resources on EdNet include:

  • Short self-paced courses on topics such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and citizenship. Many organizations use these courses to supplement their tutor training or provide ongoing professional development for all instructors.
  • A video library that allows instructors to see effective teaching techniques modeled with actual learners.
  • PDFs of lesson plans and classroom activities that can be printed out and immediately used in the classroom.
  • Interactive activities that allow ESOL learners to practice survival vocabulary.

New resources are always being added. These are available free to the global literacy community. Keep up with what's new on EdNet by following us on Twitter or Facebook.



ProLiteracy is the oldest and largest nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing adult literacy and basic education in the United States. It has nearly 1,000 member organizations that provide literacy services in communities throughout the United States. ProLiteracy also works in several developing countries to help local organizations change lives and communities through adult literacy and basic education. ProLiteracy works with local literacy programs to help adults gain the reading, writing, math, computer, and English language skills they need to be successful in our competitive and fast-paced society. We help build the capacity and quality of these programs through training, technical assistance, and the development of materials and other resources. We advocate for public policies and legislation on behalf of adult learners, their families, and the programs that serve them. Our publishing division, New Readers Press, publishes materials used by literacy instructors and programs.

To learn more about ProLiteracy services, use the following links:

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